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The Artisan Stainless Steel Casserole is part of our most premium range of triply cookware. It is versatile, robust, and beautifully built.

This saucepot casserole is made in triply technology which means that three layers are sandwiched together through the entire body of the utensil, which provides an unparalleled cooking experience.

Great to make: Stews, Curries, Biryanis, Soups, One-Pot Dishes, etc.

Not sure which size suits your needs? Check out our sizing guide.

The Casserole has the following features:

OMNI-HEAT: Quick and uniform heat distribution with no hotspots for quick and healthy cooking.

COOK AND SERVE: This Casserole is great to cook and serve in!

HANDLES: This Stahl Artisan Casserole is fitted with custom-made Investment Cast Stainless Steel handles.

LID: This Stahl Product comes with an ergonomically designed Stainless Steel Lid.

TRIPLY: Aluminum for energy efficiency fused with stainless steel for safe food contact and durability.

INDUCTION FRIENDLY: The Artisan Saucepot is induction friendly.

DISHWASHER SAFE: Easily clean this casserole in a dishwasher.

EASY POUR: Keep things clean with this casserole’s spill-proof edges that are built for clean and effortless all-round pouring.

Proudly Made in India!




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