Western Political Thought From Plato to Burke [Paperback] Urmila Sharma & S.K. Sharma


S.K. Sharma, M.A. (History), M.A. (Political Science), LL.B., Ph.D. (London), taught Political Science to under-graduate and post-graduate students for three decades and retired as Head of the Department of Political Science, Meerut College, Meerut. Author of about fifty research papers Dr. Sharma guided Ph.D. research and attended numerous seminars in India and abroad. He obtained Ph.D. degree from London University on his now published work on Harold Laski. Urmila Sharma is a recipient of four gold medals for her outstanding performance in MA. She obtained her Ph.D. degree from Lucknow University and also received UGC Research Fellowship. She has worked as a lecturer in P.G. Department of Political Science at R.G. College, Meerut. She has been continuously engaged with research and writing work. Many of her books on political science, both in English and Hindi, have received overwhelming response. In this respect, her work Humanism in Contemporary Indian Political Thought deserves particular mention.
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