Exemplar Problems • Mathematics Linked with ICT • Thinking Skills and Mental Maths • Activities, Riddles & Lots More • Problem-Based Learning • Some NCERT questions Start Up Mathematics, a series for classes 6 to 8, introduces children to the sublime joy of learning Mathematics along with understanding of concepts. The subject matter is self-explanatory and carefully structured keeping in mind the vision of the National Curriculum Framework developed by the NCERT. Features of the Series: • Emphasis on concept clarity • Solutions to some difficult NCERT questions given as examples • Ample solved examples given for easy understanding of concepts and quick reference • A variety of exercises including MCQs, Solve Mentally and Let’s Evaluate containing objective and subjective questions • Thought-provoking questions covered in Thinking Skills • Questions to develop interpersonal skills given in Values and Life Skills • Some questions from NCERT textbook and Exemplar Problems • Maths Lab Activities as per the CBSE guidelines integrated throughout the book and as inserts • Group and pair tasks and projects from real-life applications given to stimulate discussion among students and encourage them to co-ordinate with each other • Reinforcement of concepts done through graded problems in the exercises • Important results given in Remember boxes • At a Glance given at the end of each chapter for quick revision • Sample test papers to assess the knowledge of students • Practice questions for Problem-Based Learning Additional Features: • Reason it out! • Brainstorming • Do you know? • Extension • Problems Related to Thinking and Observation Skills • Puzzles, Quizzes and Riddles • Maths Lab Activity sheets Study Material Available at • Solutions to long questions • Worksheets




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