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SMART SCAVENGER HUNT – Found it! is an exciting game that helps children learn as they play the most exciting ‘Search & Find’! With prompts like “Can you find…”Something that grows? A sign with the number ‘6” etc.! Players must shout “FOUND IT!” as soon as they get their hands or spot the object! Play at home or when you’re on a road trip and try to be the first one to win 7 cards!
FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY – Found It Indoor and Travel Combo is the best way to keep your kids engaged at home or on the go! This super fun and exciting card game can be played at home, at school, on a play date and on the road!
WHAT YOU GET – This set includes 100 Game Cards, an instruction manual & an easy-to-carry case making this game perfect for travel.
PERFECT GIFT FOR KIDS – Playing this game makes children more aware of their surroundings and boosts observational & problem solving skills. This game is for Ages 4-7 & can be played in 2 fun ways!
ENGAGING & EDUCATIONAL GAME – This super fun game keeps children engaged for hours and boosts their observation & logical reasoning skills. Perfect for ages 4 to 7, this game can be played in 2 fun ways!
KEY LEARNING OUTCOMES – Phonological awareness, Measurements & Opposites, Numbers and Counting, Color Recognition and Mixing, Shapes & Spatial relationships, Self-Awareness & Emotions, Comparative Adjectives




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