Management Information Systems: Best Practices and Applications in Business Paperback – 1 January 2014


Management Information Systems: Best Practices and Applications in Business Paperback – 1 January 2014


T.A. Adikesavan is a Management Consultant and a Visiting Faculty, University of Madras, Chennai. He has more than 35 years of industrial experience in implementing innovative computer applications and over a decade of experience in teaching the subject.
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This substantially enriched second edition of the book includes evolution of IT applications in business over last five decades, to enable readers in understanding how IT offers newer solutions to modern business. It also discusses the knowledge management systems, various e-business models including e-marketing, Internet architecture and business technology management (BTM), where the focus is on strategic exploitation of IT. The unique arrangement of the contents in the book exposes the readers from the basics of IT (hardware, software and data) to all potential IT applications viz., data and transaction processing, MIS and EIS, business integration, CRM, business intelligence, decisions support systems, data warehouse and data mining, which bring tactical and strategic benefits to business. How technology benefits business, is the core of this book. The book also explains generic contributions of IT to business, enormity of business processes and management functions, what the business expects from the technology, systems audit and controls and software engineering and various techniques which lead to reliable, accurate and secured deployment of IT applications in business. The text is highly practice oriented and is illustrated with a number of real-life examples and case studies. How IT resources are to be acquired and managed, are also discussed, in great detail. The book is designed for the postgraduate students pursuing business management and computer applications. Besides, the managers in all business verticals and functions will also find this book of immense use to them.Table of Contents:Preface Acronyms/Abbreviations Information Technology (IT): Leveraging Modern Business and Management Decision Making in Business (Data, Information, Knowledge and Wisdom) Constituents of IT Applications in Business Information Technology: Tactical Applications in Business Business Technology: Strategic IT Applications in Business Information Technology Applications in Management Functions Practical Approach for Managers in Identifying Right IT Applications Design and Implementation of Integrated Business Application Software Package (IBASP) for Business: Software Development Life Cycle Activities-Sdlc (Waterfall Method) IT Applications’ Integrity, Audit and Control and Attributes of Ideal IT Applications in Business Security of IT Resources Including Business Data and Information Computers: Structure, Networks and Architectures Computer Software, Case Tools and Good Programming Practices Data and Database Management Systems System Theory and Information Systems Information Technology Services Division (ITSD): Functions and Responsibilities IT Applications in Select Service Industries (Banks, Hospitals and Hotels) and E-governance Information Technology: Genuine Concerns for Humanity Business Technology Management Index

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