In the domain of city planning, smart cities made perceivable differences in easing city life, adding to its quality while keeping its people connected, engaged and informed. This book aims to introduce the idea of ‘smart cities’ comprehensively by covering the conceptual basis and the principles in practice systematically and sector-wise. Written lucidly, covering both possible new attempts and retrofitting options in turning smart, the book is an all in One handy volume for beginners to city enthusiasts to advanced learners.
1. Contains a concise story of cities and major innovations in city development.
2. Chapters on mobility, energy, governance, water Supply, waste management, economy, buildings and Environment as core sectors of smart city transformation.
3. Dedicated br>Chapter on ICT.
4. Chapters on international and Indian case studies cover potential interventions.
5. Review questions and project ideas added to test level of comprehension.
table of Contents:
br>Chapter 1) story of cities
br>Chapter 2) urbanisation and sustainable cities
br>Chapter 3) smart cities: state of the art
br>Chapter 4) smart urban mobility
br>Chapter 5) smart energy
br>Chapter 6) smart governance
br>Chapter 7) smart water management
br>Chapter 8) smart waste management
br>Chapter 9) smart economy
br>Chapter 10) smart buildings
br>Chapter 11) smart environment
br>Chapter 12) ICT for smart cities
br>Chapter 13) smart cities: international cases
br>Chapter 14) smart cities: Indian cases




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