In today’s time where geographical boundaries are easily covered by Internet and computers with click of a button, there are lies risks within The ecosystem. Hacking somebody’s details could lead to damages and losses. In This book we have tried to provide a glimpse into The technology world of The common terms and procedures used by The hackers to intrude into The system. It is a humble effort to make students understand and with help of diagram and images The procedures through which The vulnerabilities are exploited. It is written in simple and lucid language to be understood by one and all. table of content part-a. Basics of hacking1 – introduction to hacking2 – introduction to ports and protocols3 – virtualization and introduction to Kali linux4 – foot-printing5 – scanning part-b. Performing The hack6 – hacking into System7 – Trojans and backdoors 8 – viruses and worms9 – sniffing, packet analysis and session hijacking – social engg. 11 – cryptography12 – steganogrpahy13 – vulnerability assessments – deep web and dark net part-c. Advance hacking15 – denial of Serviceability – web application and web server penetration testing17 – wireless network exploitations18 – additional reference




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