Engineering Mathematics: Volume I [Paperback] [Jan 01, 2009] Sharma J. P. YEOLEKAR, MAHESH A.


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This book presents the fundamental concepts of vector calculus which forms part of Engineering Mathematics — a core paper for all first-year engineering undergraduate students. The book is specifically designed according to the Gujarat Technological University (GTU) B.Tech. (I Semester) syllabus on Engineering Mathematics. The book covers such topics as limit, mean value theorem, Riemann sum and Riemann integral, double and triple integrals and many others. It gives geometrical as well as physical interpretations besides employing the algorithmic approach to make the students comprehend the concepts and problems with ease. Each chapter is self-contained and the concepts are illustrated with problems. Key Features : Explains most concepts with supporting illustrations. Gives 312 worked-out examples and 427 problems. Provides end-of-section exercises to drill the students in self-study. Includes two Model Question Papers. Besides being a text for GTU students, the book will be useful for the engineering students of MS University, Baroda; SVNIT, Surat, as well as for other engineering colleges and institutes in India




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