Dove Healthy Ritual Strengthening Shampoo for Weak Hair, 180 ml


From the manufacturer

Does your hair feel like it is getting weaker? Are you worried about the consequences of damaged hair and hair fall? Dove presents Healthy Ritual for Strengthening Hair. This Dove shampoo is inspired by the rituals of Nordic women, who use Oat milk and honey as part of their beauty routine to strengthen hair. They have inculcated this beauty secret in their daily lives and use it to nourish their hair. Dove combined the goodness of these ingredients with the care of 1/4th moisturizing milk, to create a shampoo that progressively makes hair stronger**. Oat milk is known to nourish hair and honey is known to make hair softer, while Dove’s unique formulation nourishes hair from within and repairs damage, your hair starts looking more healthy, full of life and ready to flaunt without hesitation and less hairfall*. Gently massage this shampoo into your scalp to create a lather and rinse well. Experience a hair care regime that makes your hair vibrant looking, helps strengthen it and gives your hair a fragrance that blooms! So, leave your hair damage worries behind and experience the rich fragrance and deep nourishment of the new Healthy Ritual for Strengthening Hair! * Hairfall refers to breakage **Based on lab test




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