Computer Oriented Numerical Methods V. Rajaraman (author)



This book is a concise and lucid introduction to computer oriented numerical methods with well-chosen graphical illustrations that give an insight into the mechanism of various methods. The book develops computational algorithms for solving non-linear algebraic equation, sets of linear equations, curve-fitting, integration, differentiation, and solving ordinary differential equations. OUTSTANDING FEATURES:Elementary presentation of numerical methods using computers for solving a variety of problems for students who have only basic level knowledge of mathematics. Geometrical illustrations used to explain how numerical algorithms are evolved. Emphasis on implementation of numerical algorithm on computers. Detailed discussion of IEEE standard for representing floating point numbers. Algorithms derived and presented using a simple English based structured language. Truncation and rounding errors in numerical calculations explained. Each chapter starts with learning goals and all methods illustrated with numerical examples. Appendix gives pointers to open source libraries for numerical computation.

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