BBRATS Evil Eye/Nazariya Swarovski Zircon Crystal Charm Accessories Hand Bracelets for Women & Girls.


The evil eye, often known as a ‘Nazar’ is an amulet believed to protect humans against the ‘evil eye.’ History has it that if someone is given an ‘evil eye’ glance by an enemy or foe, it could be enough to be deadly or bring them great harm and unhappiness.

In Ancient Greece, the Philosopher Plutarch stated that the ‘human eye has the power to release invisible rays of energy that can be potent enough to harm humans or animals.’ Outside of Greece, the evil eye has a rich history as a talisman of protection not only spanning across Asian, Mediterranean, African and Arabic countries but also all main religions from Jewish, Islamic, Buddhism and Hinduism. In Turkey, it’s considered an appropriate gift to bring to a newborn baby (the ones considered the most susceptible to the curse) and in most Muslim traditions, if someone wishes you well, it’s a given to say a blessing back in order to keep the evil eye at bay.

The reason it’s most commonly created with blue is that according to Greece and Aegean countries, ‘blue-eyed’ people are meant to bestow the curse (intentionally or unintentionally), so the amulets are ironically painted or created using blue to reflect the eye colour it’s warding off.

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Material Crystal
Colour Gold Diamond Zircon Evil Eye
Brand Hot And Bold
Style Minimal
Age Range (Description) Adult
  • EVIL EYE BRACELET: Evil eye is believed to be a curse, it will causes bad things to the person who has received the curse. It is said that wearing this special evil eye charm bracelet could as protection amulet to ward off misfortune.
  • LUCKY KABBALAH BRACELET: Wish Protection bracelet is a beautiful way to give someone you care for a wish, wear the bracelet on your wrist and make a wish, when the bracelet starts to fray it means your wish is on it’s way!
  • Make: Built With Skin-Friendly, Hypo-Allergenic High-Quality Copper ( Not Any Ordinary Metal Or Alloy), Plated With 10 Micron Gold. American Diamonds / Cubic Zirconia/Crystals Are Carefully Handpicked For Uniformity Of Color, Cut, Clarity & Lustre, Prong Setting By Skilled Artisans That Work With Diamond Jewelry.
  • Wearability: Comfort Fit- Classical Tennis Bracelet Design Makes It Attractive. Easy To Match And Suitable For Young And Elderly. Suitable For Office, Formal, Casual & Party Wear And Festive Occasions. Team Up With Gowns, Sarees, Indian Outfit Or Cocktail Evening Wear And Add Class To Your Overall Look.Ideal Friendship Day, Valentine’S Day Or Birthday Gift To Friend, Girlfriend, Daughter, Wife, Sister, Boss Or Someone Special.
  • GREAT CUSTOMER SUPPORT – We want to delight you in every purchase made. Please feel free to contact us if you have any concern about the item. We will try our best to give you an enjoyable shopping experience.



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Weight 30 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 5 cm


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