An Elephant in My Backyard (Karadi Tales) Viswanath, Shobha and Jawa, Sadhvi


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Shobha Viswanath: Publishing Director and co-founder of Karadi Tales Company, Shobha Viswanath is passionate about picture books. With two Masters degrees ? one in English Literature from the University of Bombay and one in Special Education from Eastern Michigan University ? she has a wealth of teaching experience.Sadhvi Jawa: Sadhvi graduated from Srishti School of Art, Design and Technology as a textile artist. She illustrates and does textile art. She works with urban poor children, making them self-reliant by teaching them to use textiles as a medium of self expression and a source of livelihood. She is passionate about telling stories through illustrations and textiles. She loves children’s stories especially; as she thinks they are actually meant for adults who keep forgetting the child in themselves in the complexity of growing up.



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