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Some retailers can refill your old grill tank instead. The location finder lets you know what services you will find at your local retailer. Not all tank-exchange sellers underfill their cylinders. Suburban Cylinder Express is generally able to fill its tanks with about 19 pounds of propane, said field operations manager David Hall. And the company provides the convenience of home delivery in metro Atlanta within a day’s notice for $24.95 for both tank exchange and delivery.

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They will tell you that they can only fill to no more than 80% capacity and this is a true statement. There are several reports on the net that the tanks filled by Blue Rhino only have 17.5 lbs of propane, not 20. Or whether this is an OPD phenomenon due to possible void space left in the tank by the float interlock. We enforce federal competition and consumer protection laws that prevent anticompetitive, deceptive, and unfair business practices. It’s a fraction of the price you’ll pay for the exchange.

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Get it the beginners guide to investing in bitcoin & cryptocurrencyed at about 1/2 the price of the exchanges. It being my first LP grill I’m wondering what people’s thoughts are on buying their own tanks and getting them filled vs swapping them at Amerigas/Blue Rhino places. Turn off the grill and close the propane cylinder’s valve when done grilling. Propane sold at U-Haul locations is purchased regionally and prices can vary, so it’s worth calling around. Spotlight was quoted prices Tuesday ranging from $2.44 to $4.66 per gallon.


Copyright © 2023 Weil, Gotshal & Manges LLP, All Rights Reserved. The contents of this website may contain attorney advertising under the laws of various states. Competitors should to be careful to avoid concerted action, including agreements to take positions that push back against a customer’s resistance to accept changes to pricing, industry standards or contractual terms. Query whether certain trade association activities could become susceptible to FTC scrutiny in the future. Blue rhino has some bs “proprietary” valve, you can’t refill them.

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Exchanging your old propane tank for a refilled one is the easiest way to dispose of it, but if you need to get rid of it for good- you can also just drop it off at most propane refill or exchange locations. AmeriGas propane grill tanks contain a net weight of 15lbs of propane. What you save in price by refilling, however, comes with a cost –the biggest being convenience.

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Because Blue Rhino and AmeriGas have changed tank labels to say “15 lbs” they’re complying with weights and measures laws, regulators at the Georgia Department of Agriculture said. But some consumers — who assumed that the uniformly sized metal tanks would be filled to legal capacity — are crying foul at what they consider sneaky shortchanging. If you have a farmers co-op around there, they will generally have the ability to refill propane tanks.

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Although propane prices have dropped significantly, the firms haven’t increased the amount of propane in their tanks. Beware if you plan to use the Blue Rhino tank exchange service for buying propane. Blue Rhino is installing valves on their tanks that can only be refilled by Blue Rhino, meaning that you will be locked into their tank-for-tank service, and won’t be able to get the tank refilled at your local propane dealer. The decision about propane tank exchange vs refill is less about what is the better option, and more a matter of convenience vs price.

Can I return a Blue Rhino propane tank for money?

Blue Rhino is not a deposit program. Retailers do not provide cash for the return of empty tanks. When you exchange a tank with Blue Rhino, you walk away with a tank you own and that you can use however you wish. For further assistance, please call our Customer Care Center at 1.800.

Only reason I got an exchange in the first place is my valve was not woking very well. You’ll only pay for the propane you use if you own your own propane tank. Any propane left in your tank isn’t lost as it is during an exchange –and even if it’s a small amount, it’ll return home with you. If you plan to reuse your tank for an extended period of time, you’ll want to find the tank’s expiration date, generally stamped on the top handle area. You can save up to $1.75 per gallon by refilling over the cost of an exchange at third-party retailers.

AmeriGas and Blue Rhino, In the Matter of

Learn more about your rights as a consumer and how to spot and avoid scams. Find the resources you need to understand how consumer protection law impacts your business. Propane bottles should only be filled to about 90% of full. Generally, a 5 gallon bottle should only have about 4.5 gallons in it. Most places fill by volume instead of actual weight. When propane shoots out of that hole, the bottle is filled to the proper level.

Are propane tanks interchangeable?

Once the gas is used up and the tank is empty, you have two options: You can have the tank refilled (a cheaper option) or you can swap the empty tank for a full one (a more expensive option), perhaps at the same retailer where you purchased the original.

If you have https://coinbreakingnews.info/ installed at your house already, you can have your gas company run an outlet to your barbecue and be free of the extra cost and many headaches of 20 lb cylinders forever. To compare propane prices, the AJC called several propane exchangers and refillers in the Atlanta area. The reporter also visited propane exchange locations and examined signage disclosing how much propane was in the tanks being sold. The newspaper used the Georgia Open Records Act to obtain from the Department of Agriculture any complaints filed by consumers about short-weight propane tanks. Lowe’s, Blue Rhino’s largest customer, agreed to the 15-pound tanks but only if all other retailers went along with it, according to the complaint.

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Buy two standard 20lb tanks (Blue Rhino, AmeriGas, etc.) so you always have a full tank on hand in case you run out.

I empty the cylinder, and replace it with a fully functional OPD valve , this way it can be refilled wherever the rightful owner of the tank wants it to be refilled. 20 LB tanks can not be filled to a 20 LB capacity. They are not permitted to be filled over 80% capacity due to the possibility for propane to contract and expand.

Earlier this month the Kansas City-based law firm Stueve Siegel Hanson filed a lawsuit in the U.S. District Court of Kansas against Ferrellgas Partners, which owns Blue Rhino. The suit, which seeks class-action status, was filed on behalf of a California man who claims the propane firm shortchanged consumers. The 80 % safety factor is built in., the tanks are actually 25-pound tanks that can only be filled to 20 pounds. You will seldom, if ever, receive 80% (of Water Content-WC) which is what is considered a full tank from any supplier who fills an OPD equipped tank. This is simply because the OPD will close and prevent the tank from being further filled.

3- A tank designed and certified by the government as a 20 lb tank should accept a fill for the full 20 lbs. If you pay for 20 lbs don’t get 20 lbs, you are getting ripped off and that company is unscrupulously profiteering out of your wallet. Check the Blue Rhino sign again……they only put 17 pounds of propane in your 20 pound tank….they underfill it, too.

  • In order to get flow IN to a TS2 valve, a magnetic key must be inserted into the indentation to hold a steel ball out of the way.
  • When one tank runs out, don’t swap it out at a gas station or whatever.
  • The stations that charge based on temperature correct gallons or weight are being fair.
  • Blue Rhino accepts any brand of tank, so all you have to do is drop your empty tank beside the display, have a store employee swap your tank for a full one or two, and enjoy the rest of your day.
  • Thanks to the large network of Ferrellgas and Blue Rhino locations, you’ll never be far away from the fuel you need for your adventures.

The problem I found with that is some of the places have filled only fill it half way. There’s no obvious “full” blinking light that goes off and you are paying a flat rate not by the cubic foot or whatever it is. I’ve gotten tanks home before and using the very inexact weight gauge on my Weber it tells me I have a half full tank and it certainly seems to run out faster. I go to Lowes or someplace like that because I have faith that it’s a tank in decent condition and it’s actually full. Many nursey locations have a propane fill station. So i wouldnt use them…also i don’t use propane for grilling thats just wrong.

Backyard grillers who found themselves a little short on flame in recent years may have been burned by Blue Rhino and AmeriGas Cylinder Exchange, the two leading suppliers of propane exchange tanks. The price, including delivery, works out to about $1.31 per pound of propane — about what consumers pay for the propane they get at tank exchanges at Lowe’s and Home Depot. While tank exchange has grown in popularity, consumers can still take their tanks to firms that will fill them to a safe, full capacity. In many cases, an AJC survey found, consumers can save money — and grill longer on a single tank — by refilling instead of exchanging. The company is offering a $2.50 rebate to its cylinder exchange customers at amerigas.com, he said, and is in the process of changing its sales displays to make the amount of propane in its tanks more visible. I have worked at a refill station for 10 years now and I can’t tell you how many complaints we get about Blue Rhino tanks.

Experts say the amount of propane in a full grill tank can range from about 17 to 19 pounds. But the two leading propane tank exchange firms — Blue Rhino and AmeriGas — put 15 pounds of propane in their cylinders, which their labels reflect. Consumers may get a better deal by having their tank refilled at a propane filling station, experts said. A 20 lb tank is designed to hold 20 pounds of propane when filled to 80% according to the most basic training. OPDs were introduced because so many unqualified and/or negligent people were overfilling tanks, which can be very dangerous to say the least.

I know this is an old thread but I need to correct some false information. Contrary to what’s been erroneously claimed by others, 20 pound DOT cylinders are actually designed to be filled to 20 pounds. As for this new ‘magnetic valve’, I have only seen a few up in MA over the past 10 years.

Are Blue Rhino and AmeriGas the same?

The two consent agreements were entered into separately between the FTC and Blue Rhino and the FTC and AmeriGas, but they are materially identical.

And the firm will even disconnect the empty tank from the grill and reconnect the new one, he said. 2- Tank exchange is much less environmentally friendly than having your tank refilled. Trucking around a bunch of small blue rhino propane tanks is much less efficient than trucking a big propane refill truck that will fill up your local dealer’s big tank, then yours. Think about it – by refilling, you completely eliminate the blue rhino mass refill center too. Last summer two of the nation’s leading sellers of pre-filled grill tanks — Blue Rhino and AmeriGas — reduced the amount of propane in their tanks from 17 pounds to just 15 pounds. Company officials said the change allowed their tanks’ retail price to remain the same at a time when propane prices had spiked.

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