What Is Inventory Carrying Cost and How to Reduce It?

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What Is Inventory Carrying Cost and How to Reduce It?


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  • Let’s look at how it all comes together with an inventory carrying cost example calculation.
  • Knowing your inventory carrying costs is beneficial for more than just cost savings.
  • It is the cost that is incurred as a result of carrying inventory.
  • Here, think of monetary investments into fixed assets and the interest paid on a purchase.
  • Transform your business’s fulfillment operations with our high-tech software platform and network of enterprise-class first-party fulfillment centers.

In this scenario, Manifesto Mocktails has a significantly higher than average inventory carrying cost. Average carrying costs, remember, are 20% to 30% of inventory value. This means the company should look for ways to lower its holding costs.

How to Reduce Inventory Carrying Cost

Inventory Carrying Cost Definition expenditures are monies spent on products and any interest and fees incurred if the company took out a loan to pay for the goods. Storage costs can be fixed, like a mortgage for a store/warehouse, or variable, as are labor, utility and administrative expenses. Taxes, insurance and inventory management software are all examples of service costs. As for whether you need to know the formula, the answer is probably not—that’s what you pay an accountant for. Besides, today’s inventory management systems make tracking inventory costs much simpler. When combined with the reporting capabilities of a tech-forward fulfillment provider, the numbers you need are easily accessible.

  • Another reason is that the purchasing department may be buying in excessive quantities in order to take advantage of volume discounts.
  • That leads to obsolete inventory, depreciation and higher insurance, tax and administration costs.
  • Magestore POS is a web-based and Magento-native POS which requires at least one Magento website to work.
  • The carrying cost formula can be used to calculate annual carrying costs, quarterly carrying costs, or a smaller increment of your choosing.
  • It wants to better understand the price of having so much inventory on its shelves as it tries to make room for spring apparel.
  • An e-commerce business must include the cost of obsolete inventory in the total inventory carrying cost since any acquired inventory runs the risk of becoming obsolete at some point.

You can avoid purchasing land or leasing a warehouse and leverage our existing geographic footprint. This also helps you ship from locations that are closer to your customers to reduce shipping costs and transit times. Moreover, carrying costs show the amount they need to sell and purchase for maintaining suitable inventory levels.

Inventory Carrying Cost Formula, Examples, Tips to Lower It

A business may calculate the opportunity cost by considering the Average Weighted Cost of Capital. Such a cost is nothing but the cost of financing an asset on a balance sheet by either using equity or debt or a combination of both. The term shrinkage refers to the losses that a business may incur on account of pilferage of inventory or other “unexplained” discrepancies in the physical count of inventory. To calculate such costs, businesses typically rely on inventory count records and adjustments. There is an increased probability that the stored inventory may be subject to damage in the warehouse due to wear and tear. For instance, there are increased chances that the inventory items are dropped or are damaged in accidents like fire. Thus, any inventory lying idle in the warehouse is subject to such potential risks.

This showcases how important a metric is carrying cost in any leading supply chain operation. Thus, it is important for businesses involving supply chain operations like e-commerce to calculate “optimal” inventory levels. And to calculate optimal inventory levels, it is important for businesses to derive and apply an estimate of inventory carrying costs. In addition, it’s easier to measure profit by item once you deduct that cost. Carrying costs, also known as holding costs and inventory carrying costs, are the costs a business pays for holding inventory in stock. Inventory carrying costs include expenses incurred from storing, transporting, and handling inventory as well as labor costs incurred in those processes.

Speed Up Inventory Turnover Times

They https://personal-accounting.org/ direct resources like flour for cake-making and indirect resources like the oil used to lubricate the oven. Chances are, if you are a small business owner, then your current inventory is lower than that of a medium-sized or enterprise company. Inventory also varies according to industry, which means a medical supplies business might have higher operational costs than a bakery. A basic Magento POS can work as a cash register to create orders, add discounts and taxes, print receipts, and manage sales. But a complete Magento POS system can assist you with more advanced tasks, such as inventory control, supplier management, loyalty programs, etc. If you’re a Magento merchant looking for an inventory management solution, you can start with a free consultation with us.



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